Monday, 6 February 2017

Story - Update

  1. In a small village lived a wizard, he was loved and well-known throughout the town, he was loved and well known for his famous vanishing and teleportation tricks.
  2. Over the years the magician became old and clumsy, making the magic he had done in his youth look obviously fake, because of this people started classifying him as the local nuisance, a waste of time and started to hate him.
  3. The Village once full of love and kindness had changed too much and the magician decided that he had had enough.
  4. That evening he decides to steal a most precious item - A gift passed through the generations, a Telescope lined with gold on a three-pronged stand.This rare and beautiful item was on display right in the middle of the village in a Museum. 
  5. The Magician was still good at magic but due to his old age wasn't as powerful as he used to be, meaning he needed to get close enough to the telescope for him to use his magic and steal it from the display cabinet.
  6. Under the cover of darkness, he went using stealth and some clumsy teleportation to get him in front of the cabinet. There it was, the Golden Telescope the images on the walls watched him as he performed his magic.
  7. Just like that the telescope was his, a huge burden on his heart weighed him down and he retreats from the museum as the lights turn on and sirens start screeching.
  8. The Villagers were furious they hunted him through the village, threatening his existence over the beloved Telescope.
  9. Days turned to weeks and still no sign of the Telescope, anger turned to despair as the village start to realize what they had done, they had forgotten on what this village was built upon many many years ago, magic and love.
  10. Before the Village had existed a single man came walking through this land, looking for some land using the Golden telescope, he had wanted to settle down from being on the move and have a true home he could call his own, in the nearby towns he put up posters and signs saying about several shows he was going to perform. Time went on and more and more people came from further and further distances to watch his performances. And where people were food stalls started appearing, then markets, then houses, all due to this one magician, time went on and his little spot became a gorgeous little village, filled with love and magic, when the man passed away his son and the village decided in memory of him to create a museum in memory of the magician and his travels and place his telescope.
  11. After the son had lived a good and happy life he passed down the telescope to his son, and this is the son that the village turned against.
  12. After two weeks the magician returned walking down the street with his telescope, no one said anything, they just watched as he walked slowly to the museum and placed the telescope back where it belonged.
  13. He comes out of the museum to a whole crowd of people cheering and applauding, finally, the magician has got the love he was looking for
  14. Cutscene to a statue of the magician holding a telescope being assembled on a podium in front of the museum, as a reminder to love one another as this village was assembled from magic and love.

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  1. I feel like the grim reaper, Ruth - but if I said to you, okay, so *why* is it important that it's a telescope, as opposed to say, a golden cauliflower, what would your answer be? How is the telescope - a proactive object - being used in this version. It seems to me that a telescope has this function, which is to see something close-up that is otherwise 'far off' - this feels like an important storytelling thing - something to be used proactively and in the service of your story, as opposed to it being a prop that could just as well be anything else.

    You're probably gnashing your teeth in frustration, but I can't honestly say, hand-on-heart, that this is a proper story yet - emotionally it has the feel of something good, but both the telescope and the museum still seem underused. Do you see what I mean? Come and find me after tomorrow's film and between us, we'll nail this sucker! :)