Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Complete revise of story

  1.  Old man walks down a hallway with his young grandson
  2. They pass many portraits on the walls, some images and items bring back memories for the old man as he gently smiles as he walks past.
  3. They look in the neatly displayed ornaments and wand's throughout the many halls
  4. mannequins stand quietly on watch of the precious items
  5. finally the corridor opens out to a large round room in which a golden telescope is displayed in the centre. This was a special telescope unlike you had ever seen before.
  6. holding up his hand to the glass it melts away, fascinating the young boy as he watches quietly from behind the old man.
  7. He summons the boy to go and retrieve the telescope, at first he's a bit cumbersome due to its size, but he steadies himself and looks at the magician.
  8. He smiles and walks to a blank wall, he stops to make sure the boy is close. The boy puts down the heavy telescope. He gets the boy to point the telescope towards the wall and look through it, at first the boy is confused, but is obedient and looks at the wall. 
  9. To his awe, he can see a door with a round room inside and a white light coming down from the ceiling.
  10. Startled he looks up from the telescope to see the very door he had just seen right in front of him with the magician standing by it.
  11. The magician walks through the doorway where the boy follows quickly holding the telescope awkwardly.
  12. Looking around, the boy can see more portraits, these ones were worn and tattered, looking like they had been around for many hundreds of years, each of them bordered by two red curtains.
  13. The magician stops in the middle of the podium where the boy follows, for the brief moment they are on the floor the young boy can see different complicated symbols and numerals all encoded around the podium.
  14. With a quick flick of the magician's arm the podium rises into the light, the boy looks up squinting from the light shining onto his face, the golden telescope shining in his arms.
  15. As they reached the top the young boy realises they are on top of the old museum.
  16. The magician points to three grooves in the podium that the boy had not noticed before.
  17. The Magician steps off allowing the boy to place the telescope into position.
  18. The old man then proceeds in showing the star systems that symbolise all the previous magicians and that they'll always be there to guide him through life and forever be in his heart.
  19. The boy soon realises that this will be the final time he will be seeing his Grandfather as a tear roll's down his cheek.
  20. He wipes away the tear from the boy's face and twists the rings around the telescope pointing it at him. He stands back as a beam of light hits him and envelops him in light then fades away, showing the final smile on his face before he disappears. 
  21. The boy quickly grabs the telescope and looks through it and watches as a new star appears in the sky.
  22. Camera cut's to being inside to the museum halls where at the end of a corridor a mannequin with his outfit and all of his props appears all neatly in a glass cabinet being overlooked by a portrait of the magician all being lit by numerous candles and photographs surrounding the area.

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  1. Oh yes, I like all of this much better, Ruth - well done! There's a lot of meaning and relationships between emotions and things to communicate here, so look at your visual storytelling methods and how you can initiate the audience into your story effortlessly so we understand the significance of everything here.