Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Adding Angles to a Story-Line - Character Design

Two Old Enemies in an Epic Duel
I was given the words "The Last Stand" from this I was required to create 3-4 slides showing the last stand story-line but being very specific with my perspectives and angles, for example for my first frame I have tried to apply the rule of thirds.
It was challenging as I had so few frames to work with and making each frame unique and interesting was challenging, Justin liked my drawings, but thinks for the last frames I could have made the characters shoulders pulled back with their bodies hunched over more to look even more aggressive.

  1. Two Enemies look to each other as a standoff.
  2. Sheriff looks on quietly as not to intervene too soon. 
  3. Epic battle - the two challengers stare at each other with burning rage trying to recover.
  4. Final Showdown, the sheriff has had enough. 

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