Thursday, 2 February 2017

Environments Designed for a Story - Character Design - Week 4

For this lesson, I was given by random two words that I needed to combine to create an imaginary story in my mind and create a suitable environment for these words. I was given "Secretive Throneroom". I instantly thought of a castle with hidden doors and secret passageways that a king or queen could go down without being found out. 
It came down to a story of a beloved queen who loves her people, however, she has a dark secret of who she truly is, a monster, cursed queen or vampire and this is her true identity, few know her secrets, but around the castle there are just small hints that something's not quite right but no-one knows what that is.

Secretive Throneroom

Secretive Throneroom with story

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  1. I like those top drawings very much - very atmospheric and 'animation' :)