Wednesday, 8 February 2017

OGR - 2 - From Script to Screen


  1. OGR 09/02/2017

    Hey Ruth - you've clearly been motoring to get your proposal as OGR-ready as it is. Well done. I like your story - I think the pain was worth it! I do think that you should consider an establishing shot of the the museum itself - and exterior shot, where we see the figures of the old man and the boy approaching it. I do think there's an opportunity here for some lovely world-building, as who says this museum has to be earth-bound - it could be somewhere like this!

    There's an additional point to be made here about your visual concept for this museum, the things in it - indeed the world you're taking us too. There's something about your story that makes me think of a slight Persian or Islamic vibe - it's the stars and the telescope, as being somehow 'eastern' or a bit more exotic than Hogwarts anyway...

    It's easy to think 'generically' about the term magician - top hats etc - and while I'm not suggesting that your characters are without charm, I do think that in terms of your environment etc. things are looking a bit generic. Working with a distinctive place and time and ethnicity and make design much more vibrant and dynamic, on account of the influence of strong visual reference. Anyway - it's a thought.

    In regards to character design, I think you need to embrace the opportunities for exaggeration and stylisation that comes with designing for animation. Currently, your boy and older gentlemen are very illustrative - they look like drawings in a picture book, as opposed to 'designs' to be considered for 3D modelling. I suggest you think in a much more shapes/forms based way - think structurally about these characters and consider what you already know about characters in 3D animated films - they're rarely 'just realistic humans' - and features are exaggerated, so where your old magician has a little grey beard, it would be better if his beard was a big characteristic of him, so more...

    Just take a look at these shape-driven approaches to distinctive character design:

    I think you need to exploit fully the opportunities to design boldly and always with one eye on the prospect of creating your characters in 3D - so strong shapes, clear structures - especially when you're dealing with cloaks or robes etc - they need to be considered not as things hanging off a character's body, but structural elements of the whole character.

    In the end I'll say this - I think there's a slight danger that your story could slide into a kind of 'middle ground' in design terms, and I encourage you to look for some big, imaginative design-led ideas by which you might 'world-make' in some bold exciting ways!

    1. Thank you for the feedback :3 I really like the idea of the castle overlooking a cliff!