Thursday, 19 January 2017

Winnie the Pooh - Making a character look realistic - Character Design - Week 1

The image I was given to redraw - Google Images.

1st Attempt Making Winnie the Pooh more realistic.

2nd Attempt making Winnie the Pooh more like a teddy bear, not realistic bear.
This was my 1st Character Design lesson, we were given a subject where we had to either simplify the character or make the character more realistic. My 1st attempt didn't work as I had made Winnie the Pooh look older than what he was, this is because I needed to keep the proportions more to the image I had been given, it also seemed to remind me of Baloo from the Jungle Book. After the 1st attempt I re-drew him to be more "Teddy Bear" styled and a bit more fluffy, this gave the additional detail that I needed without changing him and his proportions too much

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