Thursday, 19 January 2017

Shape Visualization - Character Design - Week 2 (Part 1)

Images of character - Princess Mononoke.
 For this lesson I was required to print out some images of a favorite character of mine. I chose Princess Mononke. During the first half of the lesson I had to look into the way my character was built and change her build using shapes to change the way in which you'd judge what type of character she was. for example: Evil villains seem to have triangles throughout their designs symbolizing danger and edginess. Whereas superheroes seem to be based more square shaped showing strength, courage but with a more intimidating edge and sidekicks tend to be rounder shaped showing softness, gentleness and kindness.
1st Sketches
 For the 1st sketches I had done Justin was pleased with the outcome. I used squares to make her more masculine and intimidating but kept her proportions correct. 
Experimentation Sketches
 For these sketches I had really tried to push what was possible with the characters, they however deviated too much from the original character changing Mononoke to a different person, however if I kept the body proportions the same it would have worked.
Final Sketches 
These were my final sketches for this first half of the session.These were drawn after I had my one to one with Justin, he told me about proportions to keep the characters the same but without changing their characteristics too much.

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