Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Like for Like - Storyboard - Ratatouille - From Script to Screen

1) 23:43 -  Remy, eager to escape the Kitchen.

2) 23:46 - Leaving the food he has "tampered" with he feels a sense of guilt he turns, longing to finish his creation (The Pot of Soup)

3) 23:50 - He looks at the pot gently simmering from the safety of the window-ledge, inches from freedom.

4) 23:51 - Remy sits there stationary on the window-ledge looking at the soup; toying with the idea of finishing it.

5) 23:52 - The camera zooms in, the food means so much that he'd risk his own life for this food.

6) 23:53 - Whilst in deep thought he is startled by his imaginary friend Auguste Gusteau who originally owned the restaurant and it's kitchen.

7) 23:54 - Remy angrily turns and cries "Is this going to be a regular thing with you?" to Gusteau

8) 23:55 - Gusteau explains why Remi should finish the food.

9) 24:03 - Remy looks back at the pot, saddened, but then with a face of determination decides that he should go and finish the soup.

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  1. something tells me you're going to have a good instinct for visual storytelling, Ruth :)