Friday, 23 March 2018

Toolkit 2 - Progress Report

Pipeline 1: Jetpack Jones

Head Modelling

Head Modelling - Part 1: Preparation
Head Modelling - Part 2: Rough Blocking
Head Modelling - Part 3: Rough Blocking Continued
Head Modelling - Part 4: The Mouth
Head Modelling - Part 5: The Eye
Head Modelling - Part 6: The Nose
Head Modelling - Part 7: The Brow
Head Modelling - Part 8: The Ear & Neck
Head Modelling - Part 9: Sculpting& Cleanup
Head Modelling - Part 10: Creating Detailed Eyes
Head Modelling - Part 11: Adding a Throat
Head Modelling - Part 12: Eyebrows
Head Modelling - Part 13: Skull Cap
Head Modelling - Part 14: Snagging

Body Modelling

Body Modelling - Part 1: Torso Blocking
Body Modelling - Part 2: Torso & Arms
Body Modelling - Part 3: Legs & Pelvis
Body Modelling - Part 4: Legs & Boots
Body Modelling - Part 5: Gloved Hands
Body Modelling - Part 6: Hands & The Final Model

UV Layout
Facial Rigging 1
Facial Rigging 2
Facial Rigging 3
Final Turnarounds

Lighting and Rendering 2

Arnold - Part 1: In - Class Lesson
Arnold - Part 3: Ray Depth
Arnold - Part 4: Linear Workflow [Lecture Only]
Arnold - Part 5: Maya Lights
Arnold - Part 6: Light Filters
Arnold - Part 7: Stylised Internal Lighting
Arnold - Part 8: HDR Images
Arnold - Part 9: Sky Dome Light
Arnold - Part 10: Stylised External Lighting
Arnold - Part 11: Standard Surface Shader
Arnold - Part 12: Toon Shader
Arnold - Part 13: Geometry Override Sets
Arnold - Part 14: Physical Sky Light
Arnold - Part 15: Advanced Internal Lighting (Portal Lights) [No tutorial yet available]
Arnold - Part 16: Mesh Lights
Arnold - Part 17: Ambient Occlusion
Arnold - Part 18: Photometric Lights
Arnold - Part 19: Depth of Feild
Arnold - Part 20: Fog (Legacy) & Atmosphere [No tutorial yet available]
Arnold - Part 21: Displacement [No tutorial yet available]
Arnold - Part 22: Sub Surface Scattering
Arnold - Part 23: AOV's & Render Passes [No tutorial yet available]
Arnold - Part 24: Stand Ins (Proxies)
Arnold - Part 25: Motion Blur [No tutorial yet available]
Arnold - Part 26: Caustics [No tutorial yet available]
Arnold - Part 27: Volumes [No tutorial yet available]


Turning Junk into Gold
Pirates of the Carribbean (Revised)


Mudbox Lessons HERE

Life drawing

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6
Week 7
Week 8
Week 9
Week 10
Week 11
Week 12
Week 13
Week 14
Week 15
Week 16
Week 17
Week 18
Week 19


Character Idea
Week 1
Week 2

Acting Lesson

Still need to upload

Character Production Bible

Production Bible

Weightlifting Animation



  1. Ruth - Please read the post below FULLY and adjust your submission (quickly)...

    1. Hiya, all updated, hadn't realised I had accidentally left those out, sorry to be a pain

  2. Weightlifting animation? Facial animation?

  3. Character Design Feedback

    I think this has been quite an ambitious project in terms of the narrative, but your solid research and development of your central character has paid off. I think the Ninja character is very competently executed, displaying a high level of skill regarding anatomy and your gesture sheets are full of expression and personality. Considering you have a masked character, you have also managed to imbue her with emotion. The detailing on her sword and props also adds believability to the character, and a sense of history and narrative. Conversely, your Stag character is less developed and feels a little generic. i think it would definitely be worth revisiting this, looking back at your initial designs. Being a creature of myth and spirit, this character could be a way of exploring the calligraphic designs you were researching initially. The same can be said of the spirit dragon, who makes a brief and hurried appearance.

    Your environments have a lot of atmosphere but need more clarity. Like your secondary characters, i feel you should develop the environment further, adding some personality and character so that all of your elements work together to tell your narrative. Abandoned Dragon temples and haunted spirit - filled forests should be rich with detail and narrative possibilities. Your storyboard demonstrates the possibility of the intriguing narrative so i would definitely looks at working these up into more legible images. You clearly have the skills to do so.

    Overall then, I think its clear you have a strong grasp of character design, particularly with anatomy, gesture and expression. However it would have been good to have seen this in all aspects of the project. I have no doubt that you can refine these elements in the future. - JW