Thursday, 22 March 2018

Clay Sculpting - Week 2

Here I had roughly marked out the nose, mouth, and started filling out the neck.

The neck was done by marking with a tool where the left and right side of the neck should end underneath the head, this was done with the front and back, this created a rectangular shape under the head, I then blocked in the shape with clay and smoothed it into the head to get the final shape.

I did also experiment using this method to find where the ears would be, they were a lot further back than I had anticipated, so will be doing those fairly late on with the hair to prevent them being damaged.

I also started gauging where the eyes should be located on the head. This was done using a
compass to measure the distance between points on the face.

Now I started roughly shaping where the eye sockets should be and tidying up the shape of
 the head.

Here the eyes are shown inside the head. 

This was done by using a square shaped wire ended tool, the technique was to gently twist the tool straight into the head (like a corkscrew) rotate the tool a full 360 degrees then gently remove the tool, which will remove a cylindrical section of clay that was in the eye socket. This is done for both eyes.

Getting eyeballs to correct depth.

Next the eyeballs get added in, I had measured my eyeballs last week to be the same circumference as the eyeballs in the side profile of my character, however, Alan was concerned that the size of the eyeballs would interfere with the wire frame inside the head, so a single eyeball was cut in half to prevent any problems. I sanded the sharp edges and pulled back some of the clay around the eye-sockets to make it easier to insert the eyes (this got pushed back in place once the eyes were correctly placed). I also added a small piece of clay behind each eye before they got added to aid with fitting them in and when the eyeballs were being added I put them in at an angle (inserting the lower part of the eye) in first, this helped get them into place easier.

Adding clay at top and bottom of eyeballs to create eye shape.

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