Monday, 22 January 2018

Life Drawing - Week 12

4x10-15 min Chalk turnaround drawings

30 min Pencil, Chalk, and Pro-Marker Drawing
(adopting Rachael's style)
 For the second drawing I did I looked at Rachael Holyhead's work (Link to her blog Here) who was also in the class. Our tutor Vicky suggested that we should swap styles, so I looked carefully at how she drew proportion and darkened certain lines using only pencil, and only until I had finished the linework could I fill in the piece using colour. I learnt a lot from this was of working by using a pencil straight away as I feel like I am not as confident with using a pencil first. I followed this technique in my last drawing below and I was very pleased with the final result!

45 min Pencil, Chalk, Charcoal and Pro-Marker Drawing
(adopting Rachael's style)

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