Wednesday, 15 March 2017

OGR - 1 - Fantastic Voyage


  1. OGR 16/03/17

    Hey Ruth,

    I was drawn immediately to the retro quality of your thumbnails 1 - 9 when they first appeared on your blog, so I wasn't surprised to see Jordan move you towards the charms of UPA / mid-century modern animation and design; while it's indeed retro (so 'old fashioned') you can see this much more graphical style in contemporary TV animation for kids, so I think it's a good fit.

    Check out this lovely Disney 50s animation about the atom - you'll see the same sort of approach:

    I really like the thumbnails you've generated from colour-picking from the old UPA stills - really, it's the courage to bring some of these colour schemes together to stylish effect. You might want to investigate 'Midcentury Modern' a bit more in terms of looking at textile design and print - you'll see how science began to influence all sorts of everyday things:

    There's a sense here of bringing out the beauty of this inner-world, getting people to see it as 'an art form' - to marvel at it like they might gawp at a famous work of art:

    I'm also reminded of the mobile artwork of Alexander Calder:

    In short then, your simple, shapes-based approach seems to put this hidden process on the same plinth as classic design and works of art, and if you're seeking to create a sense of wonder and importance in regard to the life-giving process, then maybe embracing this concept of 'art-ifying' the science in terms of its visual treatment might be a great way forward?

    What you will need to think about however is precisely 'how' you'll get the information across - the nuts and bolts of the info - I'm thinking you might be able to play with the idea of the labels you see in art galleries against famous bits of work: so:

    or, pushing the 'art gallery' idea a bit further, you could have a voice track that was like the 'guided tour' stuff you get in museums - as if the audience was being taken on a tour of these extraordinary exhibits and being told something about them...

    1. Thank you! :D I'll follow up with the links you've given me :)