Wednesday, 23 November 2016

What if? Metropolis - OGR part 2

OGR 2 for What if Metropolis by Ruth Cann on Scribd

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  1. OGR 24/11/2016

    Hey Ruth,

    So many delightful thumbnails!

    I really like the high-concept of your metropolis - worlds inside eggs suspended in the sky! It's a greenlight with a few caveats. Firstly, I just think that 2 egg-domes isn't enough to express the concept of your city and while I love the bird's eye view and its cinematic qualities, it does make the picture plane seem a bit deserted and drab, when there's something about your world which suggests the opposite feel - a sort of business and fussiness, with lots of moving parts and to-ing and fro-ing. I'm wondering if a Jordan-style paint-over approach might help you populate the composition successfully - so get some basic egg shape models, get them in place in a scene and then recreate this high-angle and muck about until you've created a busier, more populated vision. This is such a big, fun idea I reckon it could be pushed.

    Just in regards to your concept art, it's a bit drab - a lot of black and muddy tones in there, which doesn't seem quite right in accordance with Faberge. It's hard to emulate shiny surfaces and precious metals in a digital painting, but I would just observe that your world as depicted here doesn't seem very glamorous.

    Because of the huge scale of your egg-domes, I think it's really important that you think a bit 'real world' about them. I think you need to look at all the details more carefully, like the hinge mechanism; at that sort of scale, you'd want to be looking at this kind of thing for inspiration:

    Similarly, you should look at comparative structures for your egg capsules:

    When it comes to really nuancing your models - and then texturing them - this kind of sensitivity to materials, construction and surface-types will make all the difference between producing an interesting, crafted digital set and a generic off-the-peg job.

    In terms of your orthographics, I'd like to see you take your line-art into Illustrator and use the tools there to standardised the quality of your line and the symmetry of you shapes etc. You're also expected to produce and submit presentation quality production art - this element is still to sketchy and 'thumbnailish' to feel finished or authoritative.

    So, short version - love the big idea behind your concept art, but think it could go even bigger still. I think your colour palette isn't clean or showy or glamorous enough. As your egg-pods represent giant, super structures, I want you to deal with that concept in a more design-led way, so that the credibility of this world is 100%. Finally, I think you need to look again at the professionalism of your orthographs and production art. Lots to fight for here, so nail it.