Friday, 21 October 2016

Reflective Statement

For the last 5 weeks I have been doing my first university assignment for my course in Art & Animation. I was required to create 100 thumbnails for 19 cities that I had never heard of before and develop a single city into three complex and detailed shots. I have learnt a great deal over these weeks about colour, composition, organisation and most importantly imagination.

To be honest I was terrified about starting this project, for the mere fact that I thought I could't draw buildings, let a lone cities. I could never get happy with my landscape drawings either. However over the last 5 weeks I feel that I have really turned the tables over my own thoughts ad opinions about my landscape and city drawings. I am so proud of myself for persevering and going all the way to completing my final three images. I know how to use Photoshop as I've had it for several years now and am completely self taught, but the program cant make a work of art for you so actually thinking of how I wanted to portray my city of Ersilia and give it the qualities that I wanted it to have took a lot of sitting down and mulling it over in my mind and is what I found took the longest amount of time during the project. 

I think for the future I would like to do a little bit more research when it came to creating my final images as I think this would have added even more interest to my drawings and make them that slight bit more realistic and believable, however overall I wouldn't have changed anything else whilst doing the project and I cant wait to get stuck into my next project brief.

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