Sunday, 18 December 2016

Reflective Statement - What if? Metropolis

This unit I have struggled much more compared to the last one. I was feeling much less driven for this task and I struggled on Maya, this is due to lack of understanding about details and how much detail and work I should put into an object that's in shot, for example, I added a huge amount of small detailing into the clocks, but actually in my final shots these weren't a main focal point and they made Maya increasingly laggy and crashing my system over and over deleting work so I either had to do it again or details got missed, meaning I got less enthusiastic and driven about the pieces. I had also created a palace, sitting upon the main centre clock dome and this sadly can only just be seen in the final images. What I have learnt is I need to be very careful on what I create in Maya and why I create it, is it going to be a focal point? or is it going to be a speck in the distance? I feel as if I have learnt the hard way, but now I know I won't be doing this same avoidable problem again. 
I have also been rushed off my feet due to my job, and with Christmas coming they are hugely understaffed meaning I've been doing about 18 hours a week instead of the 11 in my contract, I will be leaving them in Jan so I can focus entirely on my studies.
What I did enjoy about my project was being to model what I wanted on my own, I discovered the more fun side of Maya(when it worked) and I proved to myself multiple times that I could model quite complicated objects, I also found the lighting a tricky thing to get the hand on, but I feel like I have really improved with my lighting knowledge and am eager to learn more.
I can't wait to start the new year and have a fresh start! :) 

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