Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Week 1 Life Drawing

Above is the first warm-up drawing, I was allocated 15 minutes and used charcoal.

Here is five 15 minute sketches using continuous line in pen.

The final sketch took 15 minutes and the model had a pirate hat & sword.

Overall I was thrilled with my final outcomes with all of my drawings, especially the pirate themed sketch. I find drawing on A2 very challenging as I find proportions can go off very easily. I was able to use charcoal and pen but I would like to explore more techniques such as graphite pencils and watercolour next week.


  1. Remember when i said the image on the top left of page 2 reminded me of a boss from an 80's arcade game?... i found it!

  2. Ahh I see what you mean, it has a very good resemblance to the video game character/monster!