Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Premise - My Grandad's Rocking Horses

My Grandad and my Mum 

The main subject for my animation will be my Grandad. He used to create gorgeous rocking horses out of mahogany fully from scratch which I adored playing with from a very young age. After a lot of digging around, I have been able to find images of him with the horses he loved so much. Below is a collection of just some of these precious memories that I would like to use as inspiration for my animation.

I have also found an old videotape of my Grandad with his horses - currently, I am awaiting the tape to be transferred into a digital version so I can look through the hour-long footage to see if any can be added through-out my animation.

Parts of the assembly process

Several of the painted horses in the garden
Groups of the horses

Horses for sale

Kids playing on the horses whilst on display

My Grandads two loved Carousel Horses
(carved entirely out of mahogany - not a toy, created as a sculpture)

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  1. lovely and evocative, Ruth - looking forward to seeing this develop :)