Tuesday, 12 February 2019

UV Update - Character Design - The Cherry Red Shed - Myself

UV's for the head of my character.
It's been a long journey to get to this stage, but feeling confident! Bring on the UV's!

Friday, 11 January 2019

Reflective Statement: Minor Project

This has been a challenging hand in indeed. At the very beginning of this minor project, I feel like I have come leaps and bounds with my work physically and mentally. This project has changed a huge amount over the last several months, some for the right reasons, some not so much. At the very start, I had planned to use a completely different style that I was very focused on trying to use. it also included a voice over where my Grandad talked about his work and his rocking horses. This had to shift dramatically first of all my Grandad has never been one to speak a lot and has always been a quiet man. I struggled trying to get a voice over that worked with him and it didn't give me a lot to work on animation wise. sadly due to my Grandads failing health I was never able to finish getting the recordings from him. I changed my plan and created a voiceover from what my Grandad means to me instead. I was doing well, however, I needed to escape the style I was in so I was encouraged to go all out and really think outside the box, finally, I had something to match my feelings. Over Christmas my Grandads failing health worsened hugely and working on my project only reminded me of that pain. I visited him and my Grandma who has been separated from him numerous times in the hospital and decided that this project was going to be completely dedicated to him whom I love so much. This project has been very hard for me and I still have got to finish modelling my Grandad, which at the time I really struggled to even look at. I shall continue putting my best foot forward for this project and my determination will try to keep me on track.   

The Cherry Red Shed: Minor Hand in