Thursday, 18 January 2018

Idea Proposal - Animation

My idea for my final animation was between 4 ideas:

  1. Re-occuring dream (shapeshifting animal)
  2. Siblings (opposites)
  3. My Grandfathers Rocking Horses
  4. Ninja Spirit World (Ninja and the Dragon)
In a group with Alan, it was decided that the 3rd idea based on my Grandfathers Rocking Horses would be the best way forward for this project and animation. I will need to look into themes and previous peoples work (shown below) from this I will pick a theme and work from there. This project will be hugely personal to me and my relationship with my grandparents and I would like to have them speak throughout the final piece if possible. When I was younger I would watch my Grandad bring these gorgeous horses to life and sell them in the area. The colours of the horses were natural with real hair. For his final horse my Grandad decided to choose a deep cherry coloured wood and simply varnish it afterwards showing the seam lines and how the horses were made. I would love to recreate the simple beauty and elegance of the horses into my animation and how I looked up to my grandparents, specifically my Grandad, especially as a child.

Rocking Horse Mood Board

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