Thursday, 4 April 2019

Rigging Update - Character Design - The Cherry Red Shed - Grandad

Progress so far (I didn't add in any side to side foot motions as these wouldn't be necessary for the final rig)

Tuesday, 2 April 2019

The Cherry Red Shed - Grandad - Renders and Turnaround

The Cherry Red Shed - Grandad - Geo Completed

Above you can see my Grandad's model pretty much completed now. The jumper and trousers were simple to do, but I spent a lot longer on the face itself. I had created two styles of beard in Mudbox, and I did prefer the second. However, I ended up going against this idea as it rammed up the amount of geometry within the model which I wasn't happy with. I also felt after I had done this it didn't match the style I was going for so I ended up creating a more basic beard in Maya that I will add bump maps to when adding colour to the character. This character doesn't need to have the same amount of detail on him especially for the rig itself as he is only in one to two scenes. Within the headitself I am very pleased with the facial wrinkles above the head and the ones by the sides of the eyes as I find sculpting challenging as I can get confused with what is going where! Renders and stationary turnaround to be uploaded soon!