Thursday, 30 March 2017

Redesign for Animation - Cell Cycle test

redesign during gap 1 phase from Ruth Cann on Vimeo.

Just a tryout to see how the animation would look like with a re-design , the G1 part of the chart would gently glow as well.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Pie Chart Test 1 - Maya

Pie Chart Test 1 from Ruth Cann on Vimeo.

This was my first try out using Maya to get a feel for what my Pie Chart would be doing during the video. I wanted it to rotate and softly pulse when the animation had begun a new Phase. I was also considering having the background change depending on what section of the Pie Chart the animation was on so children could match the theme colours with the different phases (The background would be a lighter version of the Pie Chart).

Pie Chart Development

Unsure what colour scheme I should go for. I like the blue's from my original, but the muddy brown needed to be changed, any ideas?

UPA Animation - Influence Map with swatches

UPA Animation - Influence Map

Fantastic Voyage - The Cell Cycle - Just V.O.

Fantastic Voyage - The Cell Cycle Script

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

OGR - 1 - Fantastic Voyage

Chromosomes - Thumbnails - 88 to102

Chromosome Thumbnails 88 - 102 

Cells - Thumbnails - 63 to 87

Cells, thumbnails 63-87

1 to 1 with Jordan - Photoshop Lesson

This is the conversation that Jordan and I were discussing over style choices and possible style designs. I really loved Upa Animation using contrasting bright colours and colour loosely around the line art. We discussed that this would give my animation good movement if I used squash and stretch techniques when bringing it into Maya. - Link for Adobe Colour CC

Jordan's Class - Thumbnails - 19 to 62

Chromosomes thumbnails 19-38
Cells thumbnails 39-62

Monday, 13 March 2017

Life Drawing - Week 20

5-10 Ink Sketches

 40 min Blocked out ink forms

Edited Version without the pencil lines, just the shapes

Pro-Marker 15-20 min experimental piece
I really enjoyed todays lesson, I don't use ink very often as I'm not very confident with it, however today I decided to use ink only for the first piece, and block out ink for the second piece, I feel as if they turned out really well and want to try out more with ink in next lesson :)

Cell Cycle - Thumbnails - 1 to 9

Soundscapes - Reflective Statement

I've had a really good time creating the soundscapes, it was a completely new experience using all of my own sounds and I was pleased with my overall results. I have now created a Sound Library and inside there is around 115 sounds, several of these sounds have been used for this project, but I am holding onto all of them and intend to grow my Sound Library throughout the course, so I have a good range of sounds. 
I found getting used to Audition harder than I was expecting, especially on the mac's, however, I seem to now be getting the hang of it more with time and practice, and creating the final three soundscapes really helped with this! 

Animating Poses - Maya

Max Jumping into the Air from Ruth Cann on Vimeo.

Reference image 1

Reference image 2