Friday, 29 September 2017

Postmodern Definitions - Week 2

Modernity - Something that is modern.

Structuralism - Trying to find structure under cultures and behaviours. 

Ahistorical - Remains out of history, isn't date-able to a certain era or period.

Objective - Unswayed by cultural beliefs, feelings or opinions, setting aside personal experiences.

Irreducible - Cannot be simplified any farther, in its most simplistic form.

Transparent - Pure, clear, can see through.

Universal - The whole world, relates to everyone.

Definitive - Come to an end, no more versions.

Post-structuralism - Challenges structuralism, argues that a fixed solution for the many might not be suitable for the few or individuals. One size does not fit all idea.

Reflexivity - Non biased opinion.

The Unreliable Narrator - Leaving an audience lacking information or completely clueless, no self explanatory, is normally done specifically to make the audience question the reality.

The Enlightenment Project - This was a point in time where people started looking for the the truth of their world and the universe within science, instead of just God being out there, it brought new ideas to a traditional culture. This was known as the "Age of enlightenment."

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