Friday, 22 September 2017

Postmodern Definitions - Week 1

High Modernism - also known as High Modernity is a form of Modernism, it focuses on the rules that society will be improved with the development of science and technology. 

Capitalist - An individual who uses their wealth and invests in industry and trade with the principals of capitalism.

Disconnected - Lacking any type of contact with something such as reality.

Super Abundance - Often taken for granted, exceeding and excessive, too much of something.

Simulcra - A representation of something and or someone.

Superficiality - Lacking any depth of thought or thoroughness.

Fragmentary - Separated, split up, not matching the rest, it's incomplete or made up of broken parts or sections.

Pop - Popular with mass media, tends to be modern.

Eclectic - Ideas, style and taste from a wide range of sources.

Nostalgia - Bringing back memories from the past, sentimental.

Depthless - Not a rich or interesting backstory, lacking thought or meaning.

Flippant - Carelessness, not addressing a situation with a serious attitude.

Pastiche - Work that replicates that of a different artist or period.

Bricolage - Creating something using multiple sources or mediums.

Aleatory - Relying on unpredictable outcomes.

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