Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Toolkit 3 - Speed Posing (5 mins only) - Week 2



After returning back from this piece a week later I have tried to look in more depth about my work. This weeks attempt I felt didn't work as well as the first weeks. I felt that although I looked at the piece I needed to have studied it more before the task, as whilst creating the pose I accidentally got both the arms and the legs around the incorrect way, losing time throughout. The centre of balance is also off as the dancer's weight is on her right leg, whereas Mooms' is spread across both legs which is inaccurate. The final thing I struggled with was the head, due to its size I didn't know exactly where to put the shoulder joints without them looking disconnected. Next time I will like to focus on the weight distribution for my character, and also to study the pose for longer, so I have an action plan before the timer starts.

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