Saturday, 17 February 2018

Perspectives - Cone of Cogency


  1. Okay - so this looks sensible, though it's a bit non-specific at the moment in terms of the who and what, but I guess this will come as you get your head around the research. The really important thing is that you use your various understandings around creativity and pedagogy etc in a proactive way in your third chapter - i.e. you use them to identify what is good/bad/problematic/innovative/old-school about the Lumier school etc. You don't want your three chapters to feel adjoining rooms, not separate silos. The other really important aspect of this discussion is your tone and your objectivity - you're going to have to find good reputable evidence in support of the suggestion that schools are failing creativity as opposed to just asserting as a feeling you have about the issue or from personal experience alone. You need to ensure too that you're super specific - so are you talking exclusively about UK schools? If so, you need to establish that as part of your question right at the beginning because you don't want to use the terms 'education' and 'schools' to mean every type of education and every type of school. The more specific you can be the better - for example, you may even need to narrow it down to English Schools, as separate to Welsh schools or Scottish schools, because you'll find there are big differences even between these territories.